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Yes, Food Safety Leaders is government approved to meet food safety training regulatory requirements.  But how is it different?

Glad you asked - here's what makes food safety leaders better than any food safety training program out there today:

  • Expert instruction by a Certified Public Health Inspector with decades of experience in food safety - (scroll down to learn more about the instructor - Michael Sidra)

  • Online training with personalised support!  Have a question or having trouble understanding a key concept? No problem!  You can contact the instructor directly or ask other students in the course!

  • Do you prefer to learn in-class?  Sign up for our in-class courses.  Courses are held in Edmonton and Calgary.    

  • We're a little biased, but we think our Food Safety Guidebook  is amazing!  Don't take our word for it, find out for yourself.

  • The exams are easy- well they're only easy for our students since our training materials are so well laid out and easy to understand...again a little biased here.

    Still need more reasons to sign up?  Okay, how about we throw in our 100% satisfaction guarantee!  If you are not satisfied with the course, just let us know before you take the exam and we will refund your money.  

    No questions asked. 


Amazing Value

In-Class Training

We understand that people learn in different ways so we set up both an online course and an in-class course.

In-class courses are also taught by Michael (a food safety and instructional design expert).

About Your Instructor

Michael Sidra

Michael Sidra


Working in food safety and Public Health for over a decade, I’ve seen plenty of unfortunate incidents where men, women, parents and children were affected by food-borne illness. Some were mild but others were a parents’ worst nightmare.

I witnessed food businesses destroyed and food business owners devastated.

If it wasn't a food safety incident that destroyed their business, it was the lack of planning or business knowledge that was the knock out blow. I found that many people, especially new Canadians, started a food business because they can cook - and oh boy can they cook! 

The problem is being a good cook doesn't make you a good business owner. 

So what does?  I've always been interested in answering this question.  What works? What doesn’t? What can I learn and what can I share to help others? 

It’s what drives me!. 

It’s why I devour books, attend at and speak in seminars, teach at Concordia University, why I completed an MBA degree, and a food safety/public health degree and of course food safety and HACCP auditing and inspection.

It's why I started LeanRhino and food safety leaders! 

I help people start and run amazing food businesses. Some of them, will change the world!


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Module 1: Food Safety in Canada

  • Cover, Intro, Module 1. Food Safety in Canada pdf
  • Module 1. Food Safety in Canada Presentation FREE
  • Food Safety in Canada Quiz FREE

Module 2: Facility Design

  • Module 2. Facility Design pdf
  • Module 2. Food Facility Design Presentation
  • Facility Design Quiz

Module 3: Biological, Chemical, and Physical Hazards

  • Module 3. Biological, Chemical and Physical Hazards pdf
  • Module #3. Biological, Chemical and Physical Hazards Presentation
  • Biological, Chemical and Physical Hazards Quiz

Module 4: Purchase, Delivery and Storage

  • Module 4. Purchasing, Receiving and Storage pdf
  • Module 4. Purchase, Delivery and Storage Presentation
  • Purchase, Delivery and Storage Quiz

Module 5: Food Handler Hygiene

  • Module 5. Food Handler Hygiene
  • Module 5. Food Handler Hygiene Presentation
  • Food Handler Hygiene Quiz

Module 6: Safe Food Handling

  • Module 6. Safe Food Handling pdf
  • Module 6. Safe Food Handling Presentation
  • Safe Food Handling Quiz

Module 7: Cleaning Sanitizing and Dishwashing

  • Module 7. Cleaning Sanitizing and Dish-washing pdf
  • Module 7. Cleaning, Sanitizing and Dish-washing Presentation
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing Quiz

Module 8: Managing Waste and Pest Control

  • Module 8. Managing Waste and Pest Control pdf
  • Module 8. Managing Waste and Pest Control Presentation
  • Managing Waste and Pest Control Quiz

Module 9: Introduction to HACCP

  • Module 9. Introduction to HACCP pdf
  • Module 9. Introduction to HACCP
  • HACCP Quiz


  • Course Evaluation Survey

Learn to...

Identify food safety hazards

Handle food safely

Prevent foodborne illness

Comply with food safety laws

Create a food safety system

Apply basic HACCP Principles

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