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Welcome to our Food Safety Leaders course.  In this course we go through important aspects of food safety - everything from safe food handling to proper hygiene.  

We've created interactive lectures, a detailed guidebook with  over one hundred pages and incorporated quizzes at the end of each section to help you learn as you go.  

After completing the course, you can choose to write the exam and become certified.  Our certification is currently approved in Alberta and we are in the process of getting it certified across Canada.   Contact us to find out if it is approved in your area.

Food Safety Leaders course is approved by Alberta Health and meets section 31 of the AB Food Regulation

About our Online course:

  • Includes 9 modules (see topics below)
  • Each module contains a section of the guidebook, presentation video and practice quizzes
  • Access to download our Food Safety Leaders Guidebook
  • Accessible 24/7 so you can learn in your pjs if you like
  • Ask questions anytime - Michael will answer any of your questions so you have the proper support to succeed
  • Exam is available at no extra charge.  It can be done virtually or proctored. Students are responsible to find their own proctor if they choose not to do the exam virtually - we can help with that too if needed!
  • We want you to succeed!  Our course graduates can ask Michael food safety questions anytime - it's like having access to your own Public Health Inspector.

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In-Class One Day Training

Due to many requests we've received on in-person training, we've decided to offer an in-person Food Safety Leaders Training Course.  If you or someone you know prefer an in-person experience; this course is for you.  

This one day classroom training is designed to provide important food safety training to the food industry.   The course is approved by Alberta Health to meet Section 31 of the Alberta Food Regulation.

In-Person Food Safety Leaders Advantage:

  • Get certified in one day

  • 9 modules covering all aspects of food safety

  • Guidebook with all the information you need to pass the exam

  • Exam is done at the end of the day and students get certified the same day.

  • Course taught by a Public Health Inspector with over 15 years of food safety experience

  • Extremely affordable. Price includes professionally developed and designed guidebook, exams and certificates

Date: TBD

Time: TBD

Location:  TBD 

Cost $89

Note: Due to the COVID19 pandemic we have temporarily suspended all in-person classes. We will resume in-person training when it's safe to do so again. Thank you for your understanding.

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Corporate Training 

We understand that there are some advantages to learning as a team.  This is why we also offer in-class training opportunities for businesses - we got you covered.

Do you have a minimum of 10 staff that you'd like to train together?  This course is offered in-person by the instructor and contains the same "government approved" content. It typically takes one full day and includes the exam.

Benefits of team learning:

  • Expert instruction by a certified Public Health Inspector
  • Ability to ask questions and collaborate with team members
  • Bring learning and food safety back to the workplace
  • Develops food safety culture and teamwork.

Students will get a printed copy of the guidebook and have the opportunity to take the exam at the end of that day.  Passing grade is seventy percent, the same as the online course.  

In-class training, expert instruction, printed guidebook, exam and certificate.

Everything you need to get your staff trained. 

Oh and it's very affordable!

What our Students have to say about this course:

Stephanie Edwards

Easy to follow!

This course is very easy to understand. I would highly recommend it!

Beatha Berenice Galvez

Excellent presentation

I've learned alot from this course and each chapter are well explained by the speaker and the presentation is really good and easy to understant because they already put the pointers in each topic.

Joela Loren Galvez

Food Safety Leaders Training Course

I can say that this course was to helpful for us food handlers, this was really informative course that everyone should have.The way the facilator facilitate the course was really easy and understandable.

kyle dorchester

My review

I thought the course was great. I appreciated the reading/ audio/ test component of each module it helped make the info stick. Michael was very responsive to my emails and does a great job. I would definitely recommend this course.

Rabia Jahangir


It was concise and to the point! A great course to do!

Course Curriculum

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Michael Sidra
Michael Sidra

Meet Your Instructor

Working in food safety and Public Health for over a decade, I’ve seen plenty of unfortunate incidents where men, women, parents and children were affected by food-borne illness. Some were mild but others were a parents’ worst nightmare.

I witnessed food businesses destroyed and food business owners devastated.

If it wasn't a food safety incident that destroyed their business, it was the lack of planning or business knowledge that was the knock-out blow. I found that many people, especially new Canadians, started a food business because they can cook - and oh boy can they cook! 

The problem is being a good cook doesn't make you a good business owner. 

So what does?  I've always been interested in answering this question.  What works? What doesn’t? What can I learn and what can I share to help others? 

It’s what drives me!. 

It’s why I devour books, attend at and speak in seminars, teach at Concordia University, why I completed an MBA degree, and a food safety/public health degree and of course food safety and HACCP auditing and inspection.

It's why I started LeanRhino and food safety leaders! 

I help people start and run amazing food businesses. Some of them, will change the world!

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